As many people I´ve allways imagined a lot about Japan. For many years I have played Go, watched movies, practiced different matial arts and read books about and from Japan.

For many westerns the country is a symbol of beautieness, pureness, diciplin, wisdom, workfullness etc. All these values being expressed in tales and stories about the samurais, tea ceremonies, haiku poems, flowerarrangemts and bonzai trees.

It is of course a small part of japan and it should show it self to be total different than I had expected when we in the fall of 2007 got the oppertunity to go there for 3 weeks.

I found out that Japan first and foremost is a modern society and that most of what I as a western imagined all japanese were interested in, more is a cultural heritage and identity where the visible part is like the interest many people in my country has about vikings, the danish prehistoric days or archeological villages.

Let me nail it, Japan has become even more facinating, the nature is extreme beautifull and I will most certain visit the country again but the big cities are ugly, there is so many people and the noise is crazy.

Here is a little view of all the pictures we took

Hvem? Mig?   

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