Science Fiction Books and Writers:

- Arthue C. Clark:
- Asimov: Foundation series
- Books withe the character Jerry Cornelius
- Clifford D. Simak: Way station
- Dan Simmons: Endymion series
- Erwin Neutzsky Wulff: The Adam Hart books
- Frank Herbert: Dune series
- Iain Banks:
- Jeff Coons: Vurt
- John Brunner: The dramaturges of Yan
- Neal Asher:
- Orson Scott Card: Enders Game og Speaker for the Dead
- Philip K. Dick: Do androids dream of electric sheep? and Ubik
- Richard Morgans: Altered Carbon series
- Samuel R. Delany: The Einstein intersection
- Stanislaw Lem: Solaris
- Theodor Sturgeon: More than human
- William Gibson:

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